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About the position

Ideaology is a young innovation bureau based in Eindhoven. At our company, you will find Innovators with Ideals. We offer design services, new product development activities and other innovation related work and advice. We focus on the sectors health, sustainability and society. We are strong in multidisciplinary work, experience and innovation knowledge. In order to be of supreme service for our clients, we use specialists as well as multidisciplinary creatives when necessary.

Ideaology is also part of a collaboration between companies, in which we develop a new innovation for sustainable energy production. The innovation may be disruptive. We start with a focus on development for (tiny) houses and textile.

We are able to place multiple persons who have a background in some or all of the following areas:

– Prototyping (sketching, 3D, materials, electrical engineering, testing etc.)

– Design research (user research, market research, value propositions, product development preparations etc.) 

It’s a plus if you also have experience in either:

– Architecture and engineering (constructional physics, installations, construction design aspects etc.) 

– Textiles/fashion (for example fashion design, textile design, innovative fashion etc.)

 We work on the cross section of design, business and technology, and so will you. This results in a variety of exciting activities. Do not expect coffee-assistant kind of work we want you to do actual research, design and/or engineering work. The position offers a safe environment in which you can gain working experience without having end-responsibility. You will be involved in the day-to-day innovation activities and therefore experience working on various tasks in a real design and development setting. These may also include general input, creative activities and design work. You will be part of the team. In addition you will get a coach to regularly discuss your learning goals and progress. This is a learning position and not a paid job.