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This is what we do

We help companies innovate their products, services and business.

Creating added value in the longer term takes more than creating a great technology line. Being and staying innovative can be hard.

If you need to get out of an impasse, if you feel like you are stuck or if you need a creative injection it is wise to consult an expert with a fresh perspective such as Ideaology.

Maybe you seek new opportunities or you have a need to understand your customer better, or you want to accelerate product innovation at your company. In all of those cases: let’s have a coffee and find out if we can help!


We have noticed that the word innovation has become an empty word for many, as it is used as a synonym for ‘design’, ‘invention’, and ‘technology’. In fact ‘innovation’ only becomes ‘innovation’ when the product or service provides added value for its stakeholders. For our customers that is even more important, as they want to see a Return on Investment when it comes to ‘innovation’. This is the case, even when talking about ‘open innovation’, because even open innovation requires time and effort.

So how do you create added value? Just creating a new product is much easier. Ah! Now, that’s why you have come to the right bureau. We don’t mind a bit of complexity at all.

We offer you the full spectrum of innovation services.

“We have seen much effort from the start already which was turned into solid results regarding innovations and improvements since. There was indeed a multidisciplinary knowledge base present and therefore much flexibility and many options to deploy her.”

Colinde Wennekes

De Ontdekfabriek

Design Thinking

This method is most suitable for irregular and fuzzy challenges, for which a human centered, holistic or 360 degrees approach is required. We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to obtain knowledge about the most important stakeholder groups.

This knowledge is used to converge ideas and prototypes which are tested or validated. Eventually, a winning design can arise, depending on the length of the process and the needs of the client or stakeholder(s).


Design Research

Get a better understanding of your design process through our design research service and streamline the way you work. 


Value Proposition Innovation

In this trajectory we determine work on the added value for your target customers and stakeholders. In addition we assess strategic positioning and opportunities.

Product Innovation

in many cases, a product is also part of the added value. Prototyping is a part of the design process – several iterations are required to get valuable user feedback fast. That improves your product design!

Service Innovation

We understand the service society and how experiences work. Let’s map your customer’s journey and optimize!

Business Analysis

This method is much used and perhaps underappreciated. Challenges that are not wicked but more linear are best treated as a business problem.

These are linear, straightforward problems.  They only seem complex because of certain aspects of that challenge.

Business Model Innovation

Is your old model not working anymore? We’ll get you back on track!

Open Innovation

This method for innovation is the most revolutionary of the century and our speciality subject. 

Open innovation can advance your company’s technology by internal and external ideas and by finding internal and external ways to the market. 

Customer Insights

In order to serve your customer’s needs you have to know more about them. Let’s find out and get your business on track!

“Thanks to her cheerful and upbeat personality, it is a pleasure to go through a creative process with Jolet.

Friedjof Doorn


We are a full service innovation consultancy bureau. This means that we help clients innovate their products, services and their business.


At Ideaology we only hire multidisciplinary, talented creatives who have a special drive to make a positive change in the world. Ideaology is all about a positive energy, brought about by innovation.


We navigate in multiple domains. Business/marketing, engineering and design. The sweet spot in the middle, that is where Ideaology operates! Where domains meet, that’s where you will find the best innovation.



KvK Business Challenge

Ideaology is participating in the Chamber of Commerce Business Challenge, in which SME companies are being challenged by large corporations to creatively solve their challenge! It is an open innovation platform, on which companies are able to interact and connect.  Ideaology is currently working on two challenges:

Rent24 is looking for a solution that gives its members worldwide easy access and a way to control who is inside and who has left the building to guarantee and monitor the safety, taking into account the privacy of its members. At the same time they want to use data.

Check their video:

Swissport Cargo Services:How can we change the enormous in-efficiencies we have today in the activity of netting aircraft pallets (ULD’s)’. A very interesting challenge!

Check out this video:

Tiny House Revolution

Innovative tiny house stealth start-up with a breakthrough concept. Due to the innovative nature of the concept, much detail can not be given at this stage yet about the nature of the innovations. Stay tuned for updates!


Disorder: Schizophrenia; 1 out of 100 persons get it.

Best medication: the extremely letal Clozapine.

Problem: Either patients die, or patients get suboptimal care or experiences when commencing the medication.


Dream: support psychiatrists in delivering the highest quality healthcare for schizophrenia patients. In order to give good care you need good data.

How: with a product using smart technology. We use biosensing.

The start-up initiative is supported by EIT Health and SensUs.

ClozapinePro is in seed phase. We are exploring and researching.

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!